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Top ten must read Share Market Books

Here is the list of top ten Share market Books.

To gain knowledge books are the best Source & here I have given a list of must read best share Market books .

Must read Books

  1. The Intelligent investor-Benjamin Graham-                                                                          The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham, is one of the most successful and practical Book on Investment. Warren Buffet described this book as “by far the best book ever written on investing”.                                                                                                    It covers all topics & emphasizes on Risk management through asset allocation and diversification. It educates about how to become disciplined & how to prevent & minimize errors in portfolio building.
  2. How to make money in Stock market-William O’Neil (Based on the CANSLIM Method of Investing. It combines technical analysis with fundamental analysis & it is very easy to understand
  3. One Up on The Wall Street- Peter Lynch-The successful fund manager                               It focuses on your observations in your day to day life, and how it can help you to identify individual stocks.
  4. Stocks for the Long Run-Jeremy Siegel- This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in investment specially for those who care most about stock markets. The book is full of tables, graphs, comparisons, studies
  5. Everything You Wanted to Know About Stock Market Investing-By CNBC TV 18
  6. Stocks to Riches-Parag Parikh
  7. The Little book that beats the Market-Joel Greenblatt -The fantastic formula of Investing given by the Author is well Applicable to Indian stock market also.
  8. Guide to Indian Stock Market -Jitendra Gala
  9. How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market-Prasenjit Paul
  10. Trade Like A Stock Market Wizard- Mark Minervini-                                                         The Author focusses on finding the exact entry point “SEPA”-Specific entry point analysis. The fundamental criteria that matters & Leading industry groups and sectors .Also discussed on Companies with rapid growth & which are in a sense gaining market share in two ways