Do’s & Don’ts of Stock Market

1.Do not rely on tips -Make your own research & then only Invest your Hard-Earned money in stock market.

2.Take advices from others about some stocks but first study the fundamentals of that stock & then decide about Investment.

3.In Initial Days Invest your money in small amounts periodically, like if you have Rs. 50,000=00 then Invest Rs. 10,000=00 every month

4.First study the market trend & Research about the stocks you want to invest in & choose 7 to 10 stocks for investment.

5.Invest in 4 to 5 stocks every month from your chosen 7 t0 10 stocks

6.Do not put all your money in one go & do not put all your money in only 1 or 2 stocks

7.Do not Invest for short term

8.Always keep long term view (At least for 3 to 5 years)

9.Initially you are expected to take wrong decisions but that is your learning phase so don’t feel demotivated.

10. Avoid day trading if you are retail Investor.

11.Nobody becomes Rich immediately after Investing, Stock market is a patience game.

12.Always Invest in Blue chip & A group stocks

For better understanding of each & everything I will suggest you to read a few share market books –SHARE MARKET BOOKS

You should read at least the first three four books .