How to Invest in Share Market

How to invest in share marketHow to invest in Share market

Today Every person who is thinking of Investing in share market has this Question in his mind. How to Invest in share Market .But before this question, You must ask yourself one more Important question. Why  Share Market ? And  why not other Assets like land ,Gold ,FD’s etc.

Before jumping to How to Invest in Share market lets understand why Share market  
Let Me Answer this Question First.
There are many other Investment options available other than Share market.

Why Share market

Historically It is proven in many researches & studies that the stock market over a long period of time despite after the big stock Market crashes the tragic Scams the returns from stock Market are the best wealth creators than any other Asset class like Real Estate, Bank FD’s or Gold .

Not only in Indian stock market but in any stock market this fact remains unchanged

Good companies reward their shareholders with Bonuses & dividend’s.

Which in turn is reflected in the share price of that company.

There are three types of basic returns we get from stock Market Investments 1.Dividend 2.Bonuses 3.Capital Appreciation .

Also share Market investment can be liquidated in few seconds in case of any emergency. So, it gives the flexibility to the Investor which he requires.

Most Indian Investors keep their hard-earned Money in Bank FD’s or in Gold for years.

If you are Invested in stock Market for that much time, Then the Investment is likely to give fantastic returns, which will be at par with Inflation rate & which will become a support or second source of Income for you.

Many people enter the stock market with fascinating dreams & end up losing their hard-earned money due to lack of Knowledge & due to wrong advices.

If you really want to understand & enjoy the roller coaster ride of stock market.Then you should have good knowledge of the Market terms  & you should devote some time to study the market the terms of stock market -.Stock Market Glossary

To Improve your Knowledge I will suggest you to please read some good books about share market .SHARE MARKET BOOKS

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Share Market How To Invest

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